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Are you planning to put up an online business? There is no doubt that you will be requiring an ecommerce website with all features. However Events It Solution can differentiate different types of ecommerce websites depending upon their features:

Shoppers can browse the products, read information about them and can make the orders instantly with the help of this transactional website. Through virtual storefront ecommerce websites the shoppers can view and buy products with just few clicks of mouse. Virtual storefront is like an online “mall” where shoppers can go around choosing the various items that they want to purchase. Shopping carts or shopping baskets are provided to shopper to carry the items which they have intended to purchase. When shoppers are done with shopping they can sign out and can pay for their purchases. The menu functionality being provided in this website makes shopping convenient and easy for customers.

The objective behind the setup of an informative website is to educate the potential customers about the products. Large companies and enterprises use informative websites to make people aware about their products. Usually the enterprises having a showroom generally use this type of website to reach out to more and more people. The potential customers get first hand, complete and detailed information about any product by visiting the informative website related to that product. The customers can read descriptions about the product, view pictures, watch videos and obtain pricing of various products in advance through an informative website.

The best example of marketplace e-commerce website is eBay. eBay allows buyers and sellers to conduct business online. There are two ways of purchasing the products from eBay. The first way is to purchase product directly. The second way is through bidding within the website. In this process of sell and purchase eBay acts as a middleman.

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